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Personalized Pens – The Right Corporate Gift

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Gone are the days when pens were used just for writing purposes. The modern-day pens have a lot of features added with them, such as scented pens (a pen that would fill the writings with a sweet smell), vanishing pens (where the text written with the help of a pen would vanish after a certain time) and personalized pens (a pen where the name of the person whom you are gifting the pen or even the name of a brand can be written).

The personalized pens are basically engraved pens. If you are planning to give it as a gift to your beloved person, you can get anything written on it such as the name of the person who is going to receive it as gift or just a few lines about the occasion in which you are gifting it.

They are sometimes manufactured in bulk by a company and can have anything engraved on them such as the name of the company or brand that it distributing these pens to their customers or clients. 

Here are the different occasions where these pens can be gifted:

  • A Landmark Birthday: Suppose an employee of the office is turning 50. So, in such an occasion, a couple of personalised pens can be gifted to his fellow employees to mark the day and make it a more memorable one.
  • Retirement: If you are retiring from work, it is very common that your juniors will throw a farewell party for you and may arrange for some great gifts exclusively for you. In such a case, you can give personalized pens to them as return gifts.
  • Weddings: This is an age of theme wedding. The co-ordinators of a theme wedding put forward different ideas for making the wedding party a memorable one. A great way to achieve this would be to distribute these pens to the attendees so that the memory of the wedding is preserved in their hearts for long.

How is personalization of pens done?

In this process the top coat of the pen is removed in a particular pattern to reveal the inner layer. As a result it seems as if someone has written a particular name or any other text in the pen. But, it is basically a type of engraving that is done.

The concept is nothing new. It dates back to the times when professionals were appointed for performing the task. They used to do the task meticulously with proper care.  Nowadays, machines are used for the same and the pens are produced in bulk for bulk orders.

Not only engravings, printing can also be done on the surface of these pens.

What to write on a personalized pen?

Though the name of the company or brand is mostly written on a personal pen, other things such as the logo of the company, its website, its strapline or slogan, nice and catchy phrases to attract the customers and messages such as thanking messages and wishes on occasions can also be written.

Here are a few key features of personalized pens that you should keep in mind:

  • This can be done in different colors and fonts.
  • Previously it was only possible to personalize the wooden and metal pens but today it is also possible to personalize the plastic ones.
  • The printing is mainly done on the barrel of the pen. The clip or the pen-case may also be chosen for personalization.

There is one tip that we would like to share with the people who are interested in ordering these pens.

While ordering or manufacturing personalized pens, many people do not consider the quality of writing i.e. the ink quality of the pens. But this is not the right thing to do. If the quality of the pen is not up to the mark, people will not feel like using it and the attempt to establish a brand, promote a company or maintain a good relation with the customers will go futile. It is thus advisable to take care of the quality of writing as well as the external look of the personalized pens.

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