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Six reasons why a memory neck pillow makes for a great corporate gift


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Have you ever got on a plane and seen other passengers go to sleep in their seats. If you’ve got on a long plane ride, you would notice that a lot of people use all sorts of pillow to ensure comfort while they sleep. They make sure that their rest is comfortable. One such device is the memory pillow. Unlike your typical traveler’s pillow, the memory pillow uses memory foam. This type of pillow is more comfortable because the foam is not just resisting you but it remembers the most comfortable shape for your sleeping position. Due to the superior comfort, people get from this type of neck pillows, there’s a huge demand for them. A lot of passengers on a long train and plane rides are increasingly switching to this type of neck pillow.

This offers a tremendous branding opportunity for your company. Keep in mind that the type of people who use memory pillow a lot are business travelers. These are people who work for or own companies which may be in your company’s industry. This is why more corporate entities are using memory neck pillow corporate gifts as part of their branding campaign. Just like any kind of branding or marketing opportunity, you wouldn’t want to just jump in with both feet. That’s a sure recipe for a marketing disaster. Give a clear understanding of why giving away memory neck pillow is a good idea for your particular company. If none of these reasons click with you, then it may mean that this type of product might not be a natural fit for your particular brand.

Mobile users

People who use memory neck pillows are travelers. These are people who are constantly boarding trains and planes. These persons whip out a memory neck pillow if the ride is going to be longer than one to two hours. In other words, they are long haul passengers. Why is this a big deal? Chances are quite high that if a person is going to be on one long haul trip after another, then this person is probably a business traveler. This person is probably the type of person who goes from city to city, country to country, continent to continent to deal and talk business.

The accounts of such people are usually quite lucrative. They might be connected to companies that may order hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of your particular company’s goods and services. Do you see the opportunity here? This all boils down to how mobile the user is if you are targeting people. If you don’t really travel that much, your traveling consumer’s memory neck pillow might not be the ideal corporate giveaway in your particular context.

Reminds your recipient that they are “on the go”

When people look at a memory pillow, they instantly get the fact that they’re very mobile. They are people who are on the go. They are movers and shakers. In a way, it’s a kind of a status symbol. Unless you come across somebody who’s a professional traveler with no business interest, the type of person who would respond best to a memory neck pillow giveaway is somebody who is constantly traveling for business or professional purposes.

Practical gift with high use probability

One of the best reasons why giving away this type of corporate gift makes a lot of sense is because people who get it will probably use it, especially if the product is well made and very durable. This is a very practical gift. It also saves a quite a bit of money because stocking up on memory pillow can get quite expensive indeed.

The more your recipients use the product, the more you brand them

The great thing about this type of pillow is the fact that people would probably use it over again. They definitely can use it trip after trip. The good news is every time they use it, your company gets an opportunity to showcase your brand. They look at the memory neck pillow, see your logo and possibly see your motto or slogan.

Make proper use of this opportunity. If your logo or slogan stands out and communicates with them, they might visit the website address on the pillow and interact directly with your brand. Of course, this plays out on a volume basis. What this means is you are going to give away this item to a huge number of people who then use it a lot of times. When you look at that volume of usage, a certain fraction of that would lead to interaction. If properly targeted, you only need a small fraction of those people to respond. This generates quite a lot of business from your free corporate give away.

Public gift which can be seen by other potential audience members

When somebody’s on a plane who’s a business traveler, chances are they’re not the only business traveler there. It’s very easy to see the tremendous “billboard” opportunity here when you give away a memory neck pillow as a corporate gift. When people see a branded memory neck pillow being used by a fellow traveler, they can easily see your marketing material. If they are in your target audience, they might be pushed to interact with your brand. It may seem like a bit of stretch but through repeated use, don’t be surprised if your brand picks up new prospects along the way.

Mobile gift which can be seen by a wide range of potential audiences

If your industry has an audience located all over the world, giving away a memory neck pillow is a brilliant move. Your users will carry your brand to all four corners of the globe without you paying for the airfare. How awesome is that? The more they use this item, the higher the likelihood your mobile gift can be seen by a wide range of potential audiences. As mentioned above, only a tiny fraction of the people who interact with your brand, need to take action on your brand for your company to benefit in a material way.

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