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Memory Neck Pillow

Six reasons why a memory neck pillow makes for a great corporate gift


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Have you ever got on a plane and seen other passengers go to sleep in their seats. If you’ve got on a long plane ride, you would notice that a lot of people use all sorts of pillow to ensure comfort while they sleep. They make sure that their rest is comfortable. One such device is the memory pillow. Unlike your typical traveler’s pillow, the memory pillow uses memory foam. This type of pillow is more comfortable because the foam is not just resisting you but it remembers the most comfortable shape for your sleeping position. Due to the superior comfort, people get from this type of neck pillows, there’s a huge demand for them. A lot of passengers on a long train and plane rides are increasingly switching to this type of neck pillow.

This offers a tremendous branding opportunity for your company. Keep in mind that the type of people who use memory pillow a lot are business travelers. These are people who work for or own companies which may be in your company’s industry. This is why more corporate entities are using memory neck pillow corporate gifts as part of their branding campaign. Just like any kind of branding or marketing opportunity, you wouldn’t want to just jump in with both feet. That’s a sure recipe for a marketing disaster. Give a clear understanding of why giving away memory neck pillow is a good idea for your particular company. If none of these reasons click with you, then it may mean that this type of product might not be a natural fit for your particular brand.

Mobile users

People who use memory neck pillows are travelers. These are people who are constantly boarding trains and planes. These persons whip out a memory neck pillow if the ride is going to be longer than one to two hours. In other words, they are long haul passengers. Why is this a big deal? Chances are quite high that if a person is going to be on one long haul trip after another, then this person is probably a business traveler. This person is probably the type of person who goes from city to city, country to country, continent to continent to deal and talk business.

The accounts of such people are usually quite lucrative. They might be connected to companies that may order hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of your particular company’s goods and services. Do you see the opportunity here? This all boils down to how mobile the user is if you are targeting people. If you don’t really travel that much, your traveling consumer’s memory neck pillow might not be the ideal corporate giveaway in your particular context.

Reminds your recipient that they are “on the go”

When people look at a memory pillow, they instantly get the fact that they’re very mobile. They are people who are on the go. They are movers and shakers. In a way, it’s a kind of a status symbol. Unless you come across somebody who’s a professional traveler with no business interest, the type of person who would respond best to a memory neck pillow giveaway is somebody who is constantly traveling for business or professional purposes.

Practical gift with high use probability

One of the best reasons why giving away this type of corporate gift makes a lot of sense is because people who get it will probably use it, especially if the product is well made and very durable. This is a very practical gift. It also saves a quite a bit of money because stocking up on memory pillow can get quite expensive indeed.

The more your recipients use the product, the more you brand them

The great thing about this type of pillow is the fact that people would probably use it over again. They definitely can use it trip after trip. The good news is every time they use it, your company gets an opportunity to showcase your brand. They look at the memory neck pillow, see your logo and possibly see your motto or slogan.

Make proper use of this opportunity. If your logo or slogan stands out and communicates with them, they might visit the website address on the pillow and interact directly with your brand. Of course, this plays out on a volume basis. What this means is you are going to give away this item to a huge number of people who then use it a lot of times. When you look at that volume of usage, a certain fraction of that would lead to interaction. If properly targeted, you only need a small fraction of those people to respond. This generates quite a lot of business from your free corporate give away.

Public gift which can be seen by other potential audience members

When somebody’s on a plane who’s a business traveler, chances are they’re not the only business traveler there. It’s very easy to see the tremendous “billboard” opportunity here when you give away a memory neck pillow as a corporate gift. When people see a branded memory neck pillow being used by a fellow traveler, they can easily see your marketing material. If they are in your target audience, they might be pushed to interact with your brand. It may seem like a bit of stretch but through repeated use, don’t be surprised if your brand picks up new prospects along the way.

Mobile gift which can be seen by a wide range of potential audiences

If your industry has an audience located all over the world, giving away a memory neck pillow is a brilliant move. Your users will carry your brand to all four corners of the globe without you paying for the airfare. How awesome is that? The more they use this item, the higher the likelihood your mobile gift can be seen by a wide range of potential audiences. As mentioned above, only a tiny fraction of the people who interact with your brand, need to take action on your brand for your company to benefit in a material way.

Laptop Bag – Practical and meaningful Gift

As much as you’d like to have a happy home, you would like to have a happy work place too. Strengthening relations with employees, employers, clients and customers is an important way to optimize the business potential of your company. Presenting gifts to your employee smoothens your relation with them and also helps you promote your brand. This in long runs the benefits the company. Read on for some brand promotion ideas through gifting presents to your clients.

Corporate Gift-Laptop Bags

You might not be having an enterprise big enough to gift expensive laptops to your customers or clients. Why not invest in some mediocre laptop bags that will carry your company’s logos and contact details. Let the bag represent your brand wherever and whoever it goes with. Corporate Gift – Laptop Bag idea is effective for businesses like coaching classes, IT and various other companies dealing with sales.

Laptop cum File folders Bag

Carrying a laptop will also serve as a style statement. When you gift it to someone let it depict the style and ideals of your work and company. Apart from laptop, such bags can serve to carry files and folders too. From your purse and glasses to important visiting cards pouches, laptop bags can encompass many things. As this kind of bags will be expensive, you can gift these exclusively to a special kind and thus strengthen the trust and bond.


Although gifting T-shirts is a jaded idea now-a-days, it works like nothing else. With the logo of your company, the T- shirt will look perfect on the eve of annual day function. From small to big businesses this idea will work best. Enterprises like NGOs benefit from such low budget investment marketing ideas.

Travel bags

Companies that require their employees to travel often find this as an apt gift. Even if your employees don’t have to travel for you, gifting travel bags with the logo of your company will up the branding of your company. This helps you to reach people beyond your close circle. Travelling in style is always important for working people.

Small Investment Corporate Gift Ideas

If you find Gifts like Corporate gift – Laptop Bags beyond the reach of your company budget, let us zero in on small investment ideas. There are gift ideas that work for all kinds of employees or students in your institution. Files, Folders, pouches, Caps can all represent the logo of your company and can be easily purchased without having to put much stress on the budget. In fact, companies as big as software companies and IT enterprises all give out gifts to their employees like pens with their logo. There is nothing more sophisticated than simple daily use items. This idea will work not only for small companies but big ones as well. Corporate Gifts- Laptop Bags are wise investments.

Pay Attention to Quality

When something represents you it has to be necessarily good otherwise it will mar your style. This goes for gifting ideas as well. Your gifts and presents have to be up to the industry standards. This will ensure that gifts create the right impression about you. Also, choose from the latest in the market. Keep a track of trends and have plenty of options to choose from you compromise on a good design. Give equal importance to both quality and aesthetics. There is separate section in each enterprise to look into the affairs of clients and customers. Despite of this, it is important to manage the funds and materials that go in this section.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Business relations move ahead when customers and clients all get adequate satisfaction. This simply does not come from thank you letters or Diwali wishes, the efforts one put to create, improve and strengthen and maintain relations is important. So

Occasions to Present the Gifts

There will be no their occasion to make your employees happy than the anniversary of the company. In regards schools, teachers’ day is a wonderful time to thank and appreciate your employees. Personalized gifts will work best on such days. Doctors in a hospital should be appreciated on Doctor’s Day. Let your employees feel their worth and feel proud for their contribution in to the organization.

Personalized Pens – The Right Corporate Gift

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Gone are the days when pens were used just for writing purposes. The modern-day pens have a lot of features added with them, such as scented pens (a pen that would fill the writings with a sweet smell), vanishing pens (where the text written with the help of a pen would vanish after a certain time) and personalized pens (a pen where the name of the person whom you are gifting the pen or even the name of a brand can be written).

The personalized pens are basically engraved pens. If you are planning to give it as a gift to your beloved person, you can get anything written on it such as the name of the person who is going to receive it as gift or just a few lines about the occasion in which you are gifting it.

They are sometimes manufactured in bulk by a company and can have anything engraved on them such as the name of the company or brand that it distributing these pens to their customers or clients. 

Here are the different occasions where these pens can be gifted:

  • A Landmark Birthday: Suppose an employee of the office is turning 50. So, in such an occasion, a couple of personalised pens can be gifted to his fellow employees to mark the day and make it a more memorable one.
  • Retirement: If you are retiring from work, it is very common that your juniors will throw a farewell party for you and may arrange for some great gifts exclusively for you. In such a case, you can give personalized pens to them as return gifts.
  • Weddings: This is an age of theme wedding. The co-ordinators of a theme wedding put forward different ideas for making the wedding party a memorable one. A great way to achieve this would be to distribute these pens to the attendees so that the memory of the wedding is preserved in their hearts for long.

How is personalization of pens done?

In this process the top coat of the pen is removed in a particular pattern to reveal the inner layer. As a result it seems as if someone has written a particular name or any other text in the pen. But, it is basically a type of engraving that is done.

The concept is nothing new. It dates back to the times when professionals were appointed for performing the task. They used to do the task meticulously with proper care.  Nowadays, machines are used for the same and the pens are produced in bulk for bulk orders.

Not only engravings, printing can also be done on the surface of these pens.

What to write on a personalized pen?

Though the name of the company or brand is mostly written on a personal pen, other things such as the logo of the company, its website, its strapline or slogan, nice and catchy phrases to attract the customers and messages such as thanking messages and wishes on occasions can also be written.

Here are a few key features of personalized pens that you should keep in mind:

  • This can be done in different colors and fonts.
  • Previously it was only possible to personalize the wooden and metal pens but today it is also possible to personalize the plastic ones.
  • The printing is mainly done on the barrel of the pen. The clip or the pen-case may also be chosen for personalization.

There is one tip that we would like to share with the people who are interested in ordering these pens.

While ordering or manufacturing personalized pens, many people do not consider the quality of writing i.e. the ink quality of the pens. But this is not the right thing to do. If the quality of the pen is not up to the mark, people will not feel like using it and the attempt to establish a brand, promote a company or maintain a good relation with the customers will go futile. It is thus advisable to take care of the quality of writing as well as the external look of the personalized pens.

The Corporate Gifts for the Events

There are various events held round the year at a corporate company. Starting from annual dinner to Safety Week, there can be different types of events that demand exclusive gifting along with proper celebrations. Every company should allot a certain part of their budget for gifts to be given out on these special days. The gift that is to be given out should be budget-friendly as well as useful at the same time. Here are some of the corporate events along with the best-suited gifts for them:

  • Corporate Annual Dinners: Throwing a dinner party for the employees is an important part of the agenda of many corporate companies. Such dinner parties are not only about a gala dinner, drinks and fun also about giving out party favors and exclusive gifts. Some of the best-suited gifts to be given out on corporate annual dinners are:
  • Personalized Shot Glasses: These are cute little glasses that can be used for boozing. The personalization i.e. imprinting of the company name and logo on them attaches more value to them. They are a budget-friendly gifting idea, yet never fail to maintain the standard.
  • Personalized Honey Jar: This is an innovative option for corporate gifts that can be used to make the employees realize that you appreciate their hard work. 
  • Personalized Hand Fans: Hand-fans with the company logo imprinted on them can be a great option for gifting for corporate events. They come handy for supplying cool air and also work as a branding strategy.
  • Conferences and Seminars: Conferences and seminars form one of the most important corporate events. Apart from focussing on the topic of discussion, a company should also make arrangements for the proper gifts to be presented on such formal events such as displays, bags, apparels and others.   
  • Press Conference: Press Conference forms an important business event where a company can convey useful information about itself to the media. It is an important part of conveying the right message about the company to its target audience. The journalists who are invited to attend these press conferences can be presented with gifts such as pens, pocket calendars and dairies. These things are of immense importance to them and can also be made a part of the promotional strategy of a company by involving personalization.
  • Product Launch Parties: Another very significant corporate party is the product launch party where the attendees are selected through an invitation process. Here, if possible, samples of the products can be given out as gifts. They help the guests to go for a free trial of the product. If they like using it, they will recommend to the others. Such a kind of promotion is always more effective than the others since the person recommending the product in this case has actually used it.
  • Client Appreciation Parties: Client Appreciation Parties are a great way of appeasing the clients and ensuring that the bond between the company and its clients strengthens. This would have an impact in retaining the clients or customers for a longer period of time. For these parties, the corporate gifts to be given out should be a bit highly-priced and must be chosen with proper care since they are meant for the selected clients.
  • CSR and Charity: This type of events highlights the social responsibilities of the company and gives them the opportunity to serve the underprivileged and the needy. The gifts to be given out here should be able to suffice the basic needs of these people. So gifts like food items, cloths and books or toys for the children would be the ideal gifts for the occasion.
  • Cleanliness Events: Cleanliness drives and campaigns are also organized by the different corporate companies and over here various gifts related to health and hygiene such as packets of detergents and bottles of liquid hand-wash can be given.

So these are the different gifts that can be given out on the corporate events and annual days to add more value to the occasions. Make your event successful with these gifts!